• Granovsky & sundaresh pllc reviews

    Granovsky & sundaresh pllc reviews

    Contact our office today to schedule an immediate consultation with an experienced employment agreement lawyer. We provide drafting and negotiation services for all types of employment agreements in New York City.

    Employers and employees alike must protect their interests when entering into any type of agreement with respect to the business relationship. Employment agreements and other related contracts must be drafted accurately to be enforceable. There are various key agreements employers, employees and independent contractors enter into to clarify the working relationship, rights, responsibilities, obligations, benefits and more.

    We provide a range of services to employees throughout New York including:. Independent Contractor or Independent Consulting Agreements.

    In New York, the typical employer-employee relationship operates under the at-will doctrine. This means either the employer or the employee may terminate the working relationship at any time for any reason, with the exception of legally prohibited behavior, like discrimination. Employment agreements override this at-will condition.

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    They spell out terms, length of employment, justifiable causes for termination and various other provisions. Independent Contractor Agreements are contracts between consultants and clients that spell out the nature of the business relationship, fee schedule, services provided, terms, length of service and more.

    As an independent contractor, make sure that the agreement doesn't lock you into a mis-classified employer-employee relationship that keeps you from receiving rights and benefits you are legally entitled to as an employee. For the client, failing to accurately and legally establish the consultant as an independent contractor with a properly drafted and executed independent contractor agreement may result in severe and costly tax consequences.

    Additionally, failing to include necessary clauses can impact Intellectual Property rights. New York strongly disfavors these agreements and courts often refuse to enforce them. As an employee, you should seek legal counsel before signing a non-compete agreement to ensure that your rights are protected and you are not prevented from working in your field for a number of years. These types of agreements are often necessary when a company is discharging employees due to layoffs, downsizing or other reasons.

    We received our legal training and experience at large, prestigious firms throughout the country, and we utilize this hard-earned legal acumen to bolster your success and effectiveness in the business world. We draft, review and negotiate for you to ensure that your employment agreements adhere to the applicable laws, accomplish what they are meant to, and protect your rights and interests. We do this by listening to your needs and learning about your specific circumstances.

    Complete our online form or call at your convenience. You will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss how we can assist you. New York Office. Ohio Office.

    New York Severance Lawyers. Ohio Severance Lawyers. Improving Your Severance Agreement.

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    Understanding Your Severance. Negotiating Your Severance Package. Our Services. Practice Areas Overview.When you return from qualified FMLA leave, your employer must return you to your original job or an equal job with the same pay, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

    The FMLA does not specifically refer to retaliation.

    granovsky & sundaresh pllc reviews

    Likewise, you exercise of FMLA leave cannot be a negative factor in connection with actions that harm your employment status. This might mean that your employer treats your FMLA leave as a negative factor in evaluating your work performance.

    There are many variations and additional details applicable to the basic principles described above. If you would like to discuss your situation with us, please feel free to call or e- mail us at any time. You will be on the phone with an attorney within 24 hours. Long Island Univ. Northwestern Md. New York Office. Ohio Office.

    New York Severance Lawyers. Ohio Severance Lawyers. Improving Your Severance Agreement. Understanding Your Severance. Negotiating Your Severance Package. Our Services. Practice Areas Overview. Age Discrimination Lawyers.

    Employee Handbooks. Employment Agreement. Family and Medical Leave Act. Flat Fee Anti-Harassment Training. Flat Fee Non-Compete Review. Flat Fee Severance Agreement Review. Hostile Work Environment. Physician Employment Agreements. Sexual Harassment Attorneys. Wage and Hour. Whistle Blower. Workforce Reduction.

    Workplace Discrimination. Workplace Misconduct. Wrongful Termination. Disability Discrimination Employment Law. Am I Entitled to Severance.I am so proud to reach this milestone. I still remember when Neeti and I decided to take the leap and form our firm. We had a little money saved, a few clients that were willing to come with us, and a vision for a law firm that operated differently. We have learned a lot along the way. Below I list the ten most important lessons from the past ten years.

    Be grateful. We would not be here without the help and support of others. When we were starting out, we relied on our friends and former colleagues to send us referrals, give us forms, and provide advice. We had so much to learn, and our former colleagues were so generous. Pay it forward. Because so many people who helped us along the way, we always try to pay it forward. We offer our advice, referrals, forms, and time to anyone, but especially to lawyers starting their own firms.

    Were it not for the generosity of our friends and colleagues, we would never be where we are, and it is incumbent on us now to help the next batch of law firms coming up. Hard work pays off.

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    The harder we work, the luckier we get. This has been true throughout. We networked, wrote blog posts, learned SEO and whatever it took to move forward. We still do that. We work hard every day to serve our clients and to build our business. I remember when we were starting out, I nearly had an anxiety attack when opposing counsel filed a notice of appearance.

    Employment law is an adversarial business — in most of our cases, we face off against opposing counsel whose job is to knock down our arguments, beat our case, and cause us to lose. But that does not mean that everything that happens is a big deal. Cases are won and lost on big issues, not minutiae.I complained about the discrimination by meeting with the Human Resources department, but because I complained my employer unlawfully retaliated against me and refused to do anything to stop the discrimination.

    I did not know where to turn and was overwhelmed trying to address the matter myself. I searched and searched for a lawyer and finally found a superb lawyer — Alex Granovsky, Esq. Granovsky immediately saw what was happening to me as unlawful and was empathetic, compassionate and supportive.

    He took over for me, which was a big relief and immediately began to work on my case. From my first meeting with Mr. Granovsky I knew I could trust him, as he was very attentive and concerned about me as a person as well as my case.

    He responded to my calls and emails immediately. Granovsky won a very substantial monetary settlement for me and negotiated other benefits for me such as protection of my employment based healthcare insurance benefits. When you retain him you you will see immediately that you have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer on your side who will work to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

    I recommend Alex Granovsky and his firm very highly and without any hesitation. Upon speaking with Alex for the first time, I felt confident that he was the attorney for me. He was both professional and extremely compassionate and understanding of my situation. He constantly followed up with emails, phone calls and letters pertaining to my every step during the entire process.

    The end result was speedy and right on point. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has a problem regarding wrongful termination at work. They proved to be a very reliable law firm and helped me to attain a great result. I talked to dozens of lawyers by phone; each said it was not worth their time.

    They allowed me to actually meet with them face to face. They actually listened to my long, sad, detailed and emotional story. They were professional but also compassionate and sensitive. They did not promise me a win. They were honest in saying it was a tough case. But they were at least willing to try.

    granovsky & sundaresh pllc reviews

    That is all I wanted. At that point, I felt that I was already a winner. I was finally at least going to get some attention…to right a wrong…to at least get a chance to tell the defendant that what they did was wrong. That is really all I wanted — a chance to tell my side of the story. It could have ended there. I would have been satisfied with merely causing the defendant time, attention and money to respond to the suit. But the outcome was more than I ever expected. I would not hesitate a second in recommending these two fine attorneys.

    They are an example of what all good, compassionate lawyers are, and should be, all about. He was a strong advocate for me and we were very happy with the final outcome. I strongly recommend hiring Alex Granovsky, you will have a talented lawyer in your corner…". He provided me with the best representation during a difficult time in my life.

    Alex fought for me with wisdom and provided me with updates in a timely manner. I always felt he was truly working for my best interest first.New York Ohio.

    The firm handles all aspects of employment law including severance, discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, wrongful termination, wage and hour, overtime, and non-competition and non-solicitation issues. You will speak to an attorney within 24 hours. Submitting information through this contact form does not create an attorney-client relationship. New York Office. Ohio Office. New York Severance Lawyers.

    Ohio Severance Lawyers. Improving Your Severance Agreement.

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    Understanding Your Severance. Negotiating Your Severance Package. Our Services. Practice Areas Overview.

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    Age Discrimination Lawyers. Employee Handbooks. Employment Agreement. Family and Medical Leave Act.

    Employment Agreement Lawyer

    Flat Fee Anti-Harassment Training. Flat Fee Non-Compete Review. Flat Fee Severance Agreement Review. Hostile Work Environment. Physician Employment Agreements.

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    Sexual Harassment Attorneys. Wage and Hour. Whistle Blower. Workforce Reduction. Workplace Discrimination. Workplace Misconduct. Wrongful Termination.

    Disability Discrimination Employment Law. Am I Entitled to Severance. What is Wrongful Termination. Executive Severance Agreements. Contact Us.

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    Contact Us All emails are answered within 24 hours. Last Name.

    granovsky & sundaresh pllc reviews

    Where Did You Find Us? Avvo Google Yelp!The newly created position sees Lindsay lead change initiatives across GroupM, its media agencies and specialists, and working closely with leaders across WPP to deliver the best possible communications for clients. Lindsay previously served as the Global CEO of Maxus, a position held since October 2014.

    She joined Maxus in October 2009 as UK CEO and in August 2012, Lindsay took on an additional role as Global Chief Strategy Officer for Maxus. Lindsay now sits on the Chime LTD board as a non-executive director, representing WPP. Geoff Ramsey is on the cutting edge of consumer, marketing and media trends in a digital world. Through his dynamic and high-energy keynotes, Ramsey consistently wows audiences by weaving together market data and a powerful narrative explaining the critical implications for marketers.

    As chief innovation officer and co-founder of eMarketer, Ramsey has rich insights and a big-picture perspective into all facets of digital and its impact on marketing, business and society. Ramsey has also delivered custom presentations for Fortune 100 corporations including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and American Express.

    At UWINCorp, Sandra is working on an asset registry services and trading marketplace blockchain project focusing on physical commodity markets. She brings over 15 years of global capital markets, derivatives and market infrastructure experience.

    She is the former Executive Director, Head of Digitization at CME Group. She is also a former Treasurer and founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Sandra holds an M. She advises and supports several women, children, education, animal conservation-focused non-profits in the USA, UK, and sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to Roku, Scott was CEO of Umami, a VC-backed companion TV startup. Before that, he held senior product and engineering roles at Rovi, BlackArrow, ReplayTV and Intel.

    Scott has spoken at many industry conferences including VideoNuze, IAB Leadership Forum and other key events. Jo Ann Ross is a broadcast network sales veteran who has served in various sales roles at CBS over the last 25 years.

    Ross, the first woman to serve as sales chief of a broadcast network and the longest running sales head in broadcast television,was promoted to President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer, CBS Corporation in August 2017. Ross previously served as President, Network Sales, CBS Television Network since October 2002, responsible for overseeing all sales for CBS Entertainment, Sports, Daytime, News and Late Night.

    In addition to her new responsibilities, Ross will continue to run the Network sales team in its many operations. She reports to Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO, CBS Corporation. She also played a major role in creating new ways to sell Network programming, including reality, scripted, news and late-night genres. She joined CBS in 1992 as Vice President of Olympic Sales, in charge of Network sales for the Lillehammer Winter Olympics in 1994 and the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.

    Prior to joining CBS, Ross was with the ABC Network for three years, where she sold daytime before being named a Prime Account Executive. Before that, Ross worked at the media buying firm Bozell, starting as an assistant buyer and working her way up to Senior Vice President, where she ran the network buying department. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the John A. Reisenbach Foundation and The Ad Council. A certified public accountant, Roth holds an L. He is a graduate of the City College of New York.To determine the winner, take Woods' score and compare with to the best (lowest) score recorded by the three others.

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    The payout is based on a "Money Line". When betting on hockey, the team you bet on must "cover the spread. The Red Wings must win the game by at least two goals to be a winner.

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